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Hi. My name is Michael Fallon and I'm from Edinburgh.  My specialist area is natural history although recently I have been working on different subject matter  and I hope my passion is reflected in my work. 


I am mostly self taught but studied a diploma course in Illustration between 1992 and 1995 at Telford College, Edinburgh.  However, art took a back seat for many years and for many reasons.   My life changed when I was hit by serious illness and redundancy but it also made me realise the importance of living a life that satisfies the heart and soul.


It is through the encouragement of my supportive wife that I've got back into art over the past couple of years.


Once a year I try to attend a seabird drawing course in North Berwick on the Firth of Forth,once  led by the late John Busby, who has been a great inspiration to me. Nowadays the course is represented by famous wildlife artists including Darren Woodhead and John Threlfall.


I'm an optimist, and hope you will love my work enough to hang it on your walls.


In 2012 my piece 'Patagonian Sealions' was a finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year award.  I wasn't lucky enough to win unfortunately but was delighted to be selected as a finalist.  A PDF of the email is at the bottom of the page.  I can't describe how happy I was to receive that email!

This is a binturong in Colchester Zoo, where I had a wonderful experience as a 'zoo keeper for the day.'   It was incredible to get up close to this comical creature. I could have spent all day watching him. He was such an interesting character.

Email re Artist of the Year Competition
Artist of the Year Email.pdf
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